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Account Service Fees Schedule

Effective May 8, 2017

Checking Account:
Return Check Charge
Checks Manually Paid
Copy of Paid Check
Copy of Statement
Stop Payment on Checks
$15.00/check/ series
Check Book Balancing (Research)
Personal Check Orders: (Cost depends on check style ordered)
Standard Checking -Check Order
Listed Price
Last Chance Checking
Listed Price
VISA Check Card (Debit Card):
Debit Card Fee (No fee with direct deposit into primary account)
Rush Card
Freedom Checking
(.75 /withdrawal after 10)
Standard Checking
(.75 /withdrawal after 6)
Lost Card Fee
Transfer Fee
Overdraw Fee (NSF)
VISA Credit Card:
Late Fee
Over Limit
Lost Card Fee
VISA Gift Card
Replacement card
Mortgage and Loans
Second mortgage/Home Equity Application Fee
Mortgage Lien Release
Fee varies by state
Subordination Mortgage Agreement
Share Advance Application Fee
Automated Clearing House (ACH) Fees
Return Charge
Reg. D
Stop Payment
Transfer Fee
$ 5.00/transfer
Other Service Fees:
Western Union
nternational Wire Transfers
Foreign Transaction Fee
U.S. Wire Transfers
IRA Annual Fee /Early Withdraw
I.R.S. Levy/Garnishment
Bill Payer Service  (no activity for 30 day)
Skip Payment or ½ payment on collateral loans
Loan Payment Late Fee-
5% of delinquent amt or $5.00 minimum
Deposited Check Returned
Returned Mail Fee
Bulk Checks, Cashing Fee (10 and up)
Refinance Vehicle Title Fee
fee varies by state
$00.25 each
$1.00 first three pages
Coin Counting
Cashier Check
Excessive W/D fee (7 or more per month)
Check Cashing Fee (share bal. below $250.00)
Inactive Fee (Dormant)   (no activity for 6 months or more)
$5.00 month
Escheat Fee
Safe Deposit Box
One Time Set-up charge Fee
 Annual Rent- Depending on Box Size  (Box sizes available 3x5; 5x5; 3x10; 5x10; and 10x10)
$15.00 - $100